Top 20 Places to Visit in New York


New York, USA, where the latest items such as gourmet food, fashion, and entertainment are gathered. When you go sightseeing in New York, it’s good to go to the latest playgrounds, but the standard sightseeing spots are also indispensable. Therefore, we will introduce you to the must-see spots for sightseeing.

1: World intersection “Times Square”

Times Square, which often appears in dramas and movies, is a must-see spot for sightseeing in New York.It is a lively place where many tourists always come and go.
Times Square is a crossroads in Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by theaters with Broadway musicals, famous restaurants and shopping malls.
I definitely want to walk to Times Square at night when the neon lights shine, as well as during the daytime when it is crowded with people.

2: “Metropolitan Museum of Art” where you can see 2 million works

The Metropolitan Museum of Art is one of the three major museums in the world.
With more than 2 million works of art, including works of Johannes Vermeer, Egyptian art, European sculpture, and contemporary art, the museum is so spectacular that even a full day is not enough.
Not only the permanent exhibition but also the special exhibition for a limited time cannot be overlooked.
You can take pictures inside the building without flashing.
The rooftop is both an exhibition corner and a cafe, and you can get a panoramic view of Central Park and Manhattan.

3: New Yorker’s resting place “Central Park”

Central Park is a place of relaxation for New Yorkers in the big city of New York.
It’s also a wonderful way to relax by taking out sandwiches, pretzels, coffee, etc. in the green central park.
It is also recommended to take a walk in the vast site with many attractions such as fountains, castles and statues, while traveling by bicycle rental or bicycle taxi petty cab. Beautiful flowers are in full bloom in spring, and autumn leaves can be seen in autumn.

4: Let’s go up to the observatory! “Empire State Building”

The Empire State Building, the tallest building in New York, is one of New York’s symbols and popular attractions.
The height is 381m! Don’t just look at it from the outside, but go up to the observatory where you can get a panoramic view of New York City.
It is good to go up in the daytime, but it is recommended to go up to the observatory before the sun goes down and watch the sunset change to the night view. The night view on the other side of the glass is so beautiful that you can sigh.

5: After all I want to see the real thing “Statue of Liberty”

The first thing you want to see when you go to New York is the Statue of Liberty.
The Statue of Liberty is also found in Odaiba and Paris, but the one in New York, which is also registered as a World Heritage Site, is the head family.
The Statue of Liberty has the goddess trampling on the torn chains and shackles at her feet, and the goddess’s crown has seven protrusions. What that means is that if you visit after learning about American history, it will look different.

6: The symbol “Brooklyn Bridge” leading to the fashionable district

From Manhattan Island in the heart of New York to Brooklyn, New York’s most fashionable district, there are several bridges, but the most famous of these is the Brooklyn Bridge, a symbol of the Brooklyn district.
From the base of the bridge, you can see a magnificent view of New York with many skyscrapers on Manhattan Island, and you can walk across it, so it is a spot visited by many tourists visiting New York.
It’s a bridge that often appears in movies and dramas, so if you like New York City-themed movies and dramas, don’t miss it.

7: “Rockefeller Center” where you can feel the center of the world

Rockefeller Center is a collective term for 19 skyscrapers lined up in the middle of Midtown on Manhattan Island. At the same time as a tourist spot, there are many office buildings, and it makes you feel that New York is one of the big cities in the world.
The sight of the flags of 200 countries lined up behind the GE Building is spectacular. The gold Prometheus statue, which lies in front of it, is a classic photography spot. We also recommend the Top of the Rock observatory, which is in a great location with Central Park on the north side and the Empire State Building on the south side. The night view you can see from there will be one page of wonderful memories.

8: Modern Art Hall of Fame “Museum of Modern Art, New York”

New York is known as a culturally forefront city where various new cultures are born one after another, but it is called the Museum of Modern Art that boasts a presence and dignity because it is in such a city. MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art, New York.
The vast 6-story site is lined with a variety of art works from the 19th century to the present day. There are various types of exhibits, from paintings to sculptures to architecture, so even those who are not so interested in modern art will surely find a work that suits their perfection.
There is also a restaurant and bookstore inside the building, so it might be a good idea to stop by for a short break during sightseeing.

9: “Ground Zero” that conveys the tragedy of the past to the future

Speaking of New York, we must not forget the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001. It was a tragic incident in which 2983 people died as victims of terrorism. The center of the incident was a place called Ground Zero.
Originally the World Trade Center, it has been reborn as a memorial park and is lined with memorials for the victims. In 2014, the 911 Memorial Museum was completed, and there are important exhibits that retain the memories of those days.
It is one of the spots that you definitely want to visit so that past events will not be weathered.

10: “Fifth Avenue” lined with luxury boutiques and luxury condominiums

Fifth Avenue in Manhattan, Fifth Avenue, is a recommended spot for those who want to enjoy shopping in a fashionable city. The area is one of New York’s representative spots with high-end boutiques and high-end condominiums. It is a place that often appears in dramas and movies about celebrity life.
It’s fun enough just to walk while looking at the many famous brands lined up, but fast fashion brands such as Abercrombie & Fitch and GAP also have stores, so even people who are a little luxury brands can enjoy shopping. It might be a good idea to imagine living in New York at a fashionable cafe.

11: “Ellis Island Immigration Museum” known for American history

The Immigration Museum on Ellis Island is a tourist attraction where you can learn about the roots of America as it is today. This is where the Immigration Department was located between 1892 and 1954, during which time as many as 12 million immigrants went through procedures to enter the United States.
You can find out what kind of examination was done to enter the United States and what kind of immigrants came to the United States in the past.

12: Lively “Little Italy” like authentic Italy

People from various countries gather in New York, but the area where Italians live is Little Italy. Located near the Manhattan area, it is crowded with people on weekends and is said to be as lively as Italy.
The attraction is probably the Italian restaurants lined up on both sides of the road. In addition to dishes such as pizza and pasta, there are also shops selling Italian cheese and cafes where you can drink strong coffee. Just by looking at the red brick cityscape, you can feel as if you were in a different country, making it a very nice spot.

13: “Grand Central Station” where you can enjoy the world of dramas and movies

I definitely recommend visiting “Grand Central Station”. Although it is a functionally wonderful station building, its chic and gorgeous appearance makes it a remarkable building.
Also, since this station is a place that often appears in movies and dramas, getting off at the station may remind you of the story of the movie or drama and make you feel nostalgic. There is also a restaurant in the station building, so it is a spot that you can enjoy even if you do not plan to take the train.

14: “Madison Square Garden” to enjoy sports and concerts

Madison Square Garden is a must-visit place for entertainment in New York. The arena in New York’s Manhattan area is a sanctuary for many well-known musicians to perform.
Sports are also held, and basketball and ice hockey games, which are popular sports in the United States, are held. If you want to experience the entertainment that is unique to the United States, please check the schedule and visit.

15: “New York Botanical Garden” where you can relax in the spacious garden

The New York Botanical Garden is a tourist attraction that you should visit when you are a little tired of sightseeing in New York, which is called the world’s largest city. Located in Bronx Park in the Bronx area, it is a spacious botanical garden with a total area of ​​250 acres.
The park is divided into 50 areas, and each area has a different charm. In addition, you can enjoy the different flowers blooming in each of the four seasons, and there is also a picnic area, so it is recommended to have a leisurely lunch.

16: “High Line”, a modern park where each person can spend their time

The “Highline” is a relatively new New York tourist attraction. The High Line is a long and narrow aerial park. It is a fashionable space with a modern atmosphere, which was opened in 2009 by renovating the viaduct of a discontinued train.
The attraction of Highline is that you can walk over the streets of New York from a slightly higher position. From the skyscrapers lined up, the street art of the city, to the graceful Hudson River, everything you can see will be fresh. There is plenty of greenery in the park, and there are benches and other relaxing spaces, so you can visit for a break.

17: “American Museum of Natural History” which became the stage of the movie

You can experience the world of the movie “Night at the Museum” at the “American Museum of Natural History” in Central Park.
Since it is actually used as a location, it will be more interesting if you go around the exhibition while looking for the dinosaurs, animals, and figurines that appeared in the play. You can take pictures in the hall, so if you decide on the composition with the dinosaurs in the background, you can take shots just like a movie.
There are lots of interesting exhibits, and if you check the details in the hall, it will take a whole day. If you want to watch it slowly, we recommend that you secure a longer stay.

18: “Chelsea Market” with a lineup of stylish shops

Located near the southern tip of the High Line, Chelsea Market is a popular spot not only for tourists but also for local New Yorkers.
There are many stylish shops selling organic foods and fashionable accessories.
The beginning of this Chelsea market was the renovation of the facility that was originally the factory of Nabisco, a confectionery company familiar in Japan, and regenerated as a market. From Italian sandwiches to lobsters and sushi, it is also attractive to have a wide variety of specialty stores where you can eat quickly for lunch.

19: You may find a bargain! ?? “Soho”

Fifth Avenue is famous as a shopping spot in New York, but if you are sensitive to fashion, check out SoHo. Not only famous boutiques, but also unique select shops and general stores are lined up in this area.
If you want to stop by a shop unique to Soho, we recommend “second-hand clothing stores” such as “Resurrection” and “INA”. You may find rare branded vintages that are hard to find in Japan.

20: The location of that drama is “Greenwich Village” in front of you

Recently, “Greenwich Village” is becoming a standard spot for women’s travel in New York.

There may be many people who look at the pictures and get a pinch. It is a famous spot for the apartment where Carrie Bradshaw, the main character of the overseas drama “SEX and the CITY”, which was made into a movie and became an explosive hit in Japan, lived.
In the drama, it was set as the Upper East Side, but the actual location was here in Greenwich Village. After visiting Carrie’s house, sip the cupcakes that appeared in the play at the nearby “Magnolia Bakery”.

A classic spot that you can enjoy no matter how many times you go

The reason why New York’s classic sightseeing spots are so popular is that they are so attractive that you can enjoy them no matter how many times you visit.
Whether you’re visiting New York for the first time or have visited it several times, let’s go to some of the classic attractions!



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